The International Academy of Universal Self Mastery

IAUSM - A Playground for Mastery!


What is IAUSM All About?

IAUSM is a Collaborative, Supportive and Conscious Community providing spiritual, personal and business development for Students who are committed to growth and learning from passionate and heart-centered Faculty.  

Imagine who you would be without all the noise from the outside, from that voice in your head, without all the judgement!  Remember, Reclaim and Remaster who you were always meant to be with the guidance and interaction with our committed mentors, therapists and facilitators. 

Our social and interactive community ensures conscious motivation, accountability and growth for Self-Mastery.

What Are the 4 S's?

Safe Space is Paramount

Core Values of IAUSM are Respect, Empowerment,  Integrity, Equality, Open-Mindedness & Unity. You are always safe to connect and be you!

Discussion and Space are Sacred

All interactive discussions stay within the respective IAUSM group and only available to members.  What happens in the IAUSM tribes, stay in the IAUSM tribes

Supporting you on Your Journey is of Great Importance to us

Get strategies, tips, discussions filled with coaching, ideas, thoughts and tools.  AHA moments and epiphanies guaranteed for everyone.  Our instructors are available and present for you when you need them.

Share Your Thoughts and Opinions without fear

You are never wrong and what you share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear. No judgement as your input matters!

Benefits of the IAUSM Community

  • A Powerful Platform Powered By the IAUSM Community
  • Take part in interactive quests (courses), events and tribes (groups) led by expert Mentors and Facilitators
  • Empowered social networking minus the negative noise and judgement
  • A sacred space where your voice matters
  • Learn for self growth, to uplevel your business, expand your creativity, or develop new skills and tools...the options are endless
  • A place to practice empowering new commitments in your life
  • Be a part of a targeted mission for humanity
  • Available for desktop or mobile app
  • Direct and Group Messaging

Have More Questions?

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The Courtyard Blog connects the wisdom and experience of our Faculty to the innate desire to reconnect to our deeper selves.
These articles act as guidance to help us remember who we are, why we are here and our place in this world.